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On the President

To allege that President Obama’s position on gay marriage is meaningless is absurd. This is the first time in history that same-sex couples have a voice in The White House. Imagine constantly being denied the right to show your love for your partner the way that everybody else can. Imagine being treated like a second class citizen your entire life. Imagine being perfectly qualified parents with a loving home to share and denied the ability to have children. It shouldn’t take much to imagine a never ending neglect of psychiatrists and behavioral experts by politicians and many church leaders alike.

To suggest that this is not a battle of civil rights is offensive. We are the forgotten few. And while there is still a tremendous amount of work to be done on civil rights as a whole, this is the first time anyone in The White House has stood with us. If anyone were to suggest this is not a civil rights issue with dire consequences, he or she need only look to Matthew Shepherd, Tyler Clemente, and the movie Bully to stand corrected.

A good friend and occasional cohost of BlazinRy Radio posted his Facebook status congratulating President Obama on distracting from the real issues and using his statement as a political tactic. If we recall in 2004, Governor Bush— I call him Governor Bush as George Carlin did, because that is still the highest office he attained legally— Governor Bush used political fear tactics as he suggested amending the Constitution to include a federal ban on same-sex marriage. Governor Romney— I call him that because that’s the highest office he will attain legally— supports this federal ban as well. Marriage, as any moron knows, has always been a states issue. So why is it that the people who are the most big government about this are the Republicans? Doesn’t that go against everything for which Republicans have ever stood? Clearly, it is THIS that is the political strategy and scare tactic. Not embracing equality.

President Obama mentioned it would make no sense to his little girls to question why their friends have two mommies or daddies. How is it that these little children are more mature and wiser when it comes to equal treatment for all than the Republican nominee for president? To those who hide behind The Bible to make spewing hatred and intolerance okay, I’d ask them to go to the part in The Bible that talks about not eating shellfish and the part that permits slavery. Justify that. You can’t. 

Even Shepherd Smith on Fox News says Romney is clearly on the wrong side of history. President Obama’s statements challenge the vicious comments made by Newt Gingrich, in which he said there is a secular, gay fascism among the American public. Obama’s sentiments of equality call on people like Dr. Marcus Bachmann to stop his hateful practices of praying away the gay and may actually prompt him to deal with his own sexuality. The President took a stand against Michelle Bachmann who felt it was appropriate to go on The Tonight Show and make a joke about something that is literally killing people. Governor Bush scared people and won votes based on intolerance.

President Obama is standing up for people. I see this move as one of the greatest political risks of our time. But, it was a risk that needed to be taken. Mayor Cory Booker proclaimed, “Dear God, we should not be putting civil rights issues to a popular vote to be subject to the sentiments, the passions of the day. No minority should have their rights subject to the passions and the sentiments of the majority.” Mayor Booker says they’ve created a second-class citizenship in his state. Booker talks about his state not having the courage to do the right thing under the last two governors. Governor Chris Christie vetoed a bill that had passed in New Jersey legalizing gay marriage. Mitt Romney not only doesn’t support marriage equality, but opposes civil unions.

How much of a bigot does one have to prove he is in order to appeal to the Republican party? Bill O’Reilly says that if we start legalizing gay marriage and gay sex, which apparently he also thinks is illegal, pretty soon we’ll be marrying turtles. Even Governor George W. Bush supported civil unions. Even Dick Cheney supports gay marriage. President Obama had the courage to stand up for equality and to stand on the right side of history. Bullied kids have hope, same-sex couples have the president on their side, and nobody ever needs to feel like a second-class citizen ever again.

"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice." — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Thank You Mr. President

Obama Forward

Where My East Dillon Lions At?

You will be missed.

I just wanted to bid an appreciative farewell to one of the best television shows in history. “Friday Night Lights” was recently aptly called “the quintessential show about American spirit and uplift at a time when the moral and economic bedrock of our Country seemed most in doubt.” Shortly after I began watching, I decided it was the best hour-long primetime drama on TV. I mentioned that on Facebook and people agreed. The show had a limited audience, but a passionate one.

Is there a more realistic couple on television than Eric and Tammy Taylor? Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton both received Emmy nominations last week for the second year in a row. I hope they win this year. They deserve it.

This series was an unappreciated masterpiece. The writers were passionate about these characters and gave them these amazing stories to play. The direction is exquisite. Was anyone else incredibly moved by the game day scene in the series finale during which you could only hear music? No crown noise, no screaming from coaches or players. It was really powerful.

The only qualm I’d have is that I wanted to see the end of the game. I wanted to see the celebration after the Lions won with the Hail Mary pass. I also wanted to see who caught it. Who do you think? Probably Luke.

This show had every reason to fail. They had no idea how to market it, what night to put it on, eventually what the hell network to premiere its episodes on. It’s also a high school show, where important characters graduate.

The cast, from start to finish through all the changes, was perfect. I read that Gaius Charles, Scott Porter, and Taylor Kitcsh did nontraditional auditions. Charles said he yelled to the camera, “You want me Pete! You want me!” This is something Smash would do. Kitsch chugged beer on his tape! I know a lot of people don’t like Scott Porter. I thought he was good. No good? Anyway, it was a show of taking chances, so Berg and the casting directors appropriately took chances on people who took chances.

Sidebar: Did anybody notice that Tyra and Tim looked like the same person when they were dancing in the last episode?

Losing strong characters like Smash and Saracen was okay. Of course, who wouldn’t want Zach Gilford on every episode? But the new crowd they brought on brought IT. I wouldn’t say any year’s ensemble was better than another. But, it was pretty amazing to see the emotional journeys of Vince and Luke the last two seasons. The last thing I remember Michael B. Jordan in was “Hardball.” He’s been at it for a while and has matured into a fine, honest young actor. Luke Cafferty has had to go through so much crap the last two seasons and Matt Lauria pulled it off beautifully.

Who would have thought that we would grow to love Buddy Garrity or forgive Riggins for sleeping with Street’s girl? Or be perfectly willing to root for a team other than the Dillon Panthers? Or get to see Denise from “Full House” shadow Coach Taylor? Or root for Coach to leave Texas football to move thousand of miles away?

It’s truly been a journey. It seems like so long ago I watched that first episode on Briana Vowels’s couch in Studio City. It was only on for five seasons, but it seems longer. I think it’s because the characters experienced a whole lot of life in those five years. Due to the brilliant storytelling from the cast and crew, we experienced it too.

A whole bunch of terrible things happened in the States during FNL’s run; The wars, the financial meltdown, Sarah Palin. Much as Friday night football in Texas is a ritual of consistency and necessary distraction, “Friday Night Lights” became ours. Though we never really knew which network we would see it on, or who the hell actually has DirectTV, we always knew we could rely on that show to give us something good once we actually did see a new episode. As long as the show was on, there was never a doubt that the next episode would be just as amazing as, if not better than, the last.

I’m not sure I’m ready to go back and re-watch the series now, knowing it’s over. For now, I’ll fondly remember the pure honesty of the characters. It came across in places like Matt and Landry’s friendship, Vince and his mother dealing with her addiction and an absent father, an indomitable bond between the brothers Riggins, and every character trying, sometimes failing, to do the right thing.

I was sitting at a bar with Matt Goldstein once and I told him he looked a little like Matt Saracen. From that point on, I’ve called him Seven. He started calling me J.D. McCoy, but I wasn’t having that. So, I asked he change it to Smash, for obvious reasons. So, over the weekend, after we had both seen Friday’s finale, I said, “Texas forever, Seven,” and he said, “Texas forever, Smash.”

Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can’t lose.


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Our “Neuroses on Wheels” Edition featuring Ross Gallo & Matt Hoch. Thursday, 2pm EDT!



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